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Enrollment Policy


Virtual Learning

A virtual instruction option is available for students in grades 9-12.  Students participating in this virtual option will remain enrolled students of their respective high school but will receive instruction from Indiana Online which is a division of the Central Indiana Education Services Center (CIESC).
Students or families interested in attending Indiana Online for their instruction should contact the student’s guidance counselor.  The guidance counselor and administration will determine the appropriateness of this placement.  If a student is approved to participate, they must complete an Expectations and Requirements form as well as all required paperwork and return these documents to their counselor.
The Expectations and Requirement for virtual learners are as follows:
1. Students participating in the virtual learning program must actively participate in class & follow the directions of the teacher.
2. Students are not permitted to participate in any in-person school club, team, or event.  The student may participate virtually if that option exists.
3. When required, students will have to participate in on-site assessments or lab experiences for the course, class, district, or the state. No appeals will be given for state standardized tests (WIDA, SAT, ISTEP, ILEARN, etc.).
4. The commitment is for the semester. 
5. If the student has not previously been successful in a virtual format for a previous semester it may not be an option for your student to participate or remain in the virtual program for future semesters.
6. Families who do not have legal residency within HSE's boundaries are ineligible to remain in the virtual program for second semester.

Unless approved by building administration, a student will be expected to be a full-time student.  Students may not move from in-person instruction to virtual after August 19th of first semester or January 16th of second semester without approval from building administration.

At the time of enrollment, in any grade, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian of a student to provide proof of proper immunization in accordance with current Indiana law. On their first day of attendance, a student without proof of proper immunization is considered in violation of Indiana law, and will not be allowed to attend school unless the Superintendent or their designee determines that the student qualifies for a waiver or extension as allowed by applicable law. A student in the process of obtaining immunizations may attend school, but a statement from the physician or Health Department is required. A waiver may be granted due to religious or health reasons as allowed by law. Each school will maintain an immunization record of its students. Each school will annually file a written report to the State Board of Health as required by law.
Students moving into Hamilton Southeastern Schools will be accepted as transfer students.

The following information is needed to enroll:
  • proof of residency
    • birth certificate
    • immunization record
    • current grades or transcript at the time of withdrawal from the previous school.
    • In cases where students live with only one parent due to divorce or separation, proof of physical custody may be required. Students in special education programs must provide a copy of the student’s most recent IEP and the results of the student’s most recent educational evaluation. Once the required enrollment information is gathered, the parents and student must make an appointment with the appropriate school counselor for an enrollment conference
  • A student enrolling only for the second semester will not be scheduled for a full year class unless they have taken the first semester at their previous school.
  • For a variety of reasons a student may wish to enroll in a different/higher level course. Reasons might include exposure to or knowledge of subject content attained prior to high school, in the workplace, or within the family environment. With the approval of the instructor, a student may take a placement test to see if a more advanced level course is appropriate. Credit may be earned only for the studies successfully completed at the secondary level.
  • Students who transfer will be ranked with their class the semester following two full semesters of attendance at Hamilton Southeastern High School.
  • Transfer students interested in athletics should make an appointment with the athletic director to complete the IHSAA transfer forms. 
  • A student anticipating withdrawal from school should have a parent/guardian contact the School Counseling Department at least one day before the final attendance day. On the final day of attendance, the student must obtain a withdrawal form from the Guidance office. Signatures from appropriate staff must be obtained. This allows teachers to be notified and to release grades earned at that time. An official withdrawal form can then be carried by the student to the new school. All obligations (book rental, library, textbooks returned) must be completed before a transcript will be sent to the receiving school.
  • Hamilton Southeastern High School will forward educational and health records to a school where a student intends to enroll upon request.
Students who have been enrolled in another school corporation will be accepted as transfer students whenever the family moves to Hamilton Southeastern Schools. Proof of residency, transcripts, current grade information, birth certificate, and health records must be provided before an incoming student will be enrolled. A student enrolling only for a second semester will not be scheduled for a full year class unless they has taken the first semester. Students enrolling after 15 days may not get credit for a course if the student has not been enrolled in that course at a previous school.
The Board recognizes the positive cultural benefits to the students, staff, and the community in meeting students from other countries and in having foreign exchange students as members of the student body of this corporation. Students will be accepted from foreign countries each year subject to the approval of the building principal and the Superintendent. A minimum of sixty (60) days’ notice from the sponsoring agency or family prior to enrollment of a student is deemed necessary to properly accommodate the student. The agency must be an Indiana State Board of Education approved program. Foreign exchange students must adhere to all school regulations and must reside in housing of a sponsoring family. Such foreign exchange students will be considered resident students for the period they remain with the approved family residing in Hamilton Southeastern Schools District. The number of foreign exchange students will be limited to five (5) students per semester. The planned length of stay for a foreign exchange student is to be no less than one (1) semester and no longer than two (2) semesters. Foreign exchange students who spend one school year at Hamilton Southeastern High School are required to take one semester of United States History, one semester of United States Government, and two semesters of English. A Hamilton Southeastern High School diploma will not be issued to a foreign exchange student. Foreign exchange students interested in athletics should make an appointment with the athletic director to complete IHSAA transfer forms.
Resident students are those whose legal settlement is within the corporation’s geographic boundary. A student’s legal settlement will be determined under applicable Indiana law. A student’s legal settlement will also determine the student’s school attendance area within Hamilton Southeastern Schools. Any question in regards to a student’s legal settlement must be directed to the office of the superintendent (317) 594-4100.
Student's legal settlement not in attendance area: A student may be expelled from school if the student’s legal settlement is not in the attendance area of the school corporation where the student is enrolled.
The Hamilton Southeastern Fishers Academy uses non-traditional programming to support students as they work towards completion of graduation requirements. Enrollment at The Academy is determined by a committee comprised of administrators, school counselors, and other school personnel.  Students enrolled at The Academy must adhere to all policies and guidelines as outlined in the student handbook.

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