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All posters must have administrative approval before being displayed. Approved posters should be affixed to bulletin boards and non-drywall surfaces.  Announcements are made weekly and are available to students and staff on the FHS website. They are broadcast from the media distribution center and are posted on the electronic bulletin board. Activity announcements must carry the approval of the sponsor. They are also available on the school website.

When emergencies arise which necessitate the cancellation or delay of school, several radio stattions, television stations, and corporation website will carry the accouncement. Based upon circumstances, the Skylert system may be used to notify parents in an emergency situation.

The Tiger Tracks and Tiger Topics: N the Red are the school publications produced by students with the assistance of a facility adviser. Students should take the beginning journalism class in order to work on the staff of one of the publications. 
Volunteers must have on file their limited criminal history background checks. Forms for limited criminal history checks can be found on the HSE District website. Volunteers are expected to comply with all rules and regulations set forth by Hamilton Southeastern Schools. The background check needs to be updated every 3 years. All costs associated with the safe-visitor background check are the responsibility of the volunteer. 

The Board welcomes the active interest of parents and citizens in public schools and invites the community to visit. However, since schools are a place of work and learning, certain limits must be set on visits to help provide for the safety of students and staff. The building principal is responsible for all persons in the building and on the school grounds. For these reasons, the following policy applies to visitors to the school: 
  • Anyone who is not a regular staff member or student of the school is considered a "visitor".
  • Any visitor to the school must obtain a vistior badge upon arrival aned sign out prior to leaving the building.
  • Those who wish to observe a classroom while school is in session must arrange such visits in advance with the teacher and obtain a limited background check
  • so that class disruption may be kept to a minimum/
  • Teachers are not available to use class time to discuss individual matters with visitors. 
  • Students are not permitted to have visitors in the cafeteria during lunch
Indiana law requires all persons who are employed under age 18 to obtain a work permit. Schools are no longer involved in the facilitation of students’ work permits. Students will obtain a work permit directly through the Department of Workforce Development. Students can find all pertinent information at this website: https://www.in.gov/dol/2398.htm

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Our Mission

Hamilton Southeastern Schools, as a forward-thinking school district, provides educational opportunities to ensure the success of each and every student, to become a responsible citizen and to positively influence an ever-changing world community.