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Daily School Procedures

The school day begins at 8:30am -and ends at 3:00pm. The front office is open from 8:15am until 3:15pm during the school year. 

You can reach the FHS Front Office at 317-915-4290


TO report an absence, parents or guardians will call the attendance automated line 24 hours a day at 317-915-4295 or enter an absence request in Skyward.


1. To ensure your student is dismissed timely, please contact the attendance office by 9:00 AM. This allows the staff adequate time to facilitate the request for dismissal. Dismissals requested on Skyward are processed like voicemails and need at least 20 minutes to be processed depending on the time of day.

2. Medical documentation for absences for medical appointments is strongly encouraged and required if your student has accrued over 8 absences.

3. Parents to do not need to enter the building to sign out their student if the dismissal was already requested.

4. When immediate dismissal is required, the parent may come into the main office to have the student dismissed. Phone calls or absence requests through Skyward may result in a delayed dismissal if the request is made close to the dismissal time.


Students may not be absent more than 8 days in a semester (8 all day absences or 8 absences to any one period) and not more than 16 days per calendar year. Both excused and unexcused absences count towards this maximum. After the 8th absence in the first semester, the school may notify and if necessary, hold a conference with the student and parent to determine whether the student should be permitted to stay in school.


College visits must be reported to the attendance office via voicemail or parent request in Skyward. Juniors and Seniors are allowed 4 visits and Sophomores and Freshman are allowed 2 visits. College visits are not allowed in May and may not be attached to an existing break. (i.e. Fall Break, Winter Break and Spring Break) Eligible college visits are exempt and do not count towards their attendance.


When a student arrives to school after school has started, they must go to the Attendance Office to receive a pass to class. If a student arrives within the first 30 minutes of the school day, they will be counted tardy. Arriving more than 30 minutes late will be assigned an unexcused absence from class. However, if the attendance office receives notification from the parent, attendance will be adjusted accordingly.


Students must attend at least two periods of the school day to participate in after school activities.

Excused Absences Unexcused Absences
Senior Pictures Car Trouble/ Unverified Accidents
Verified Accident (with police report) Oversleeping
Religious Observances Missing the Bus
Medical Appointments/ Illness Assuming School Closings
College Visits/ Court Appearance Transportation Problems
Out of Town Travel Truancy
BMV Visit (max. 3 periods) Working
Election Polls Suspension