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Essential Learning Outcomes

These are the essential learning outcomes (ELOs) for several courses at Fishers High School.

These ELOs are skill-based outcomes and non-negotiable areas of proficiency to be attained by ALL students.

This set of ELOs was developed as a part of our work as a professional learning community, specifically answering PLC question #1: “What is it we want our students to know & be able to do?

Here is the process by which ELOs were created:

  • Teacher collaboration teams developed & submitted ELOs for their particular course(s).
  • Dept. Instructional Leaders reviewed ELOs for each course group’s submission, looking for (1) vertical alignment, and (2) connections to state academic standards, college & career readiness (SAT) skills, and IDOE employability skills. Instructional Leaders then sent feedback to groups for possible revision.
  • Administrators reviewed ELOs and compiled them into a comprehensive school list.

These essential learning outcomes (ELOs) will ground our professional learning community work. Additionally, departments will eventually work towards creating more comprehensive documents centered around these essential learning outcomes.