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Course Guides

In order to get your courses scheduled, please select the appropriate year below. You may also want to view our course guide to read descriptions of each of the courses available. 

If you are scheduling for next year, be sure to pick the form that is 1 year above where you are currently at now.  This will have your course request form as well as the available courses per grade level.

Freshman Class Choices

Sophomore Class Choices

Junior Class Choices

Senior Class Choices


Full Course Guide

This contains information about all available courses at FHS.

Diploma Pathways

Includes Diploma Pathways and more. 


Includes courses related to horticulture, landscaping, animal science, and other agricultural topics.

Business & IT

Includes courses related to finance, marketing, business management, and information technology. 

Engineering & Technology

Includes courses related to architecture, electronics, aerospace engineering, and more. 

Family & Consumer Science

Includes courses related to nutrition, textiles, fashion, child development, and interior design. 

Language Arts

Includes courses related to the English language, literature, composition, and writing.


Includes mathematics courses such as algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, and more. 


Includes courses that cover multiple departments such as peer tutoring or work-based learning. 

P.E., Heath, & Nutrition

Includes courses centered around health, physical activities, and sports medicine.

Performing Arts

Includes performing arts such as dance, theater, media, and music. 


Includes science courses such as biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, environmental science and more. Includes Project Lead the Way biomedical sciences courses. 

Social Studies

Includes courses with topics covering world and U.S. history, geography, sociology, psychology, law, and more. 

Visual Arts

Includes Visual Arts course such as sculpture, photography, ceramics, painting, and more. 

World Languages

Includes courses in languages from around the world including Spanish, German, French, ASL, and more.