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Counseling Overview

Fishers High School is proud to be a Gold Star School as recognized by the Indiana Department of Education.

 According to the DOE, Gold Star schools have exhibited “the highest level of school counseling professionalism in Indiana”. Receiving the Gold Star designation is evidence of the collaboration it takes among educators and staff for students to be successful.

To receive this honor, Fishers High School convened an advisory council of diverse stakeholders. That team participated in a nine-month, rigorous process that reviewed student data, established student outcome goals, aligned efforts to counseling standards, and committed to maximizing the time school counselors spend in direct service of students.

Comprehensive school counseling efforts rely on a strong community safety net where every adult is responsible for guiding students. Fishers High School will continue to build on this momentum by exploring teacher advisory programs, parent advisory programs, and community advisory programs. If you are interested in participating, please contact your school counselor.

Fishers High School is proud to announce our school counseling program has earned the Indiana Department of Education (INDOE) Gold Star award. The Gold Star award specifically notes that recipient schools “have demonstrated that they have a comprehensive and accountable school counseling and guidance program, aligned to Indiana School Counselor and Student Standards, as well as national standards.”

Comprehensive counseling programs calls on the collaborative efforts of parents, educators, staff, counselors, and community partners to benefit students. Together with our parents and community partners, HSE Schools have established a counseling vision and mission, reviewed program and student data, evaluated guidance activities, capacity and gaps and created enhancement goals and plans.

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Meet the Team

Cheryl Carothers, Registrar

Sarah Canada, Guidance Secretary

Ashley Wallace, Guidance Secretary

Linda Brown, College and Career Counselor

Courtney Leslie

Social Worker, A to K

Chelley Gastineau

Social Worker, L to Z

Steven Curtis

Steven Curtis

Counselor (9th Aa-Gran)

Maria Chinni

Counselor (9th Grao-Ng)

Maggie Stiller

Counselor (9th Nh-Zz)

Katie Rehor

Katie Reho

Counselor (10th-12th Aa-Burn)

Maggie Schwartzkopf

Counselor (10th-12th Buro-Eln)

Jenna Petroff

Jenna Petroff 

Counselor (10th-12th Elo- Hera)

Jacob Hornberger

Jacob Hornberger 

Counselor (10th-12th Herb-Lao)

Lizette Baumann

Lizette Baumann

Counselor (10th-12th Lap-Muz)

Lindsay Thomas

Lindsay Thomas 

Counselor (10th-12th Mva-Roi)

Kelly Applegate

Kelly Applegate

Counselor (10th-12th Roj-Thol)

Matt Swaim

Matt Swaim

Counselor (10th-12th Thom-Zz)


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